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Webinar: The Role of In Vitro Assays in Selecting the Right Species for Your Small Molecule Program

  • Webinar

Learn how your compound’s metabolism profile impacts species justification and IND-enabling program design in our co-presented webinar, “Selecting the right species for my small molecule program: the role of in vitro assays.” 

Choosing the most relevant species for your toxicity studies is critical to ensure your IND provides the relevant data regulators need to advance your program to clinical trials. But selecting the right species for your nonclinical program must be based on scientific rationale and begins with understanding the potential species-dependent variability in the metabolism of your drug.  The decision of which animal model to utilize may not always be obvious. Comparing animal species to human data helps identify human or animal-specific metabolites and can help you identify the most appropriate species to generate the nonclinical safety data needed to progress your program into Phase 1. Learn more

Watch the Recording and Download the Slides