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XenoTech Provides Genotyped Hepatocytes for Polymorphic Enzyme Drug Metabolism Studies

SEKISUI XenoTech now offers Geneknown™ pooled human hepatocytes as part of its catalog of cell and tissue-based products. Geneknown™ hepatocytes are pools of cryopreserved cells from multiple donors assembled to study the effects of specific genetic variants on drug metabolism and transport in human hepatocytes in vitro.

Drug metabolism studies conducted with Geneknown™ pooled human hepatocytes can identify risks of adverse drug interactions present only in genetically-defined subpopulations of patients. Such risks can remain undetected when pooled hepatocytes representing multiple genotypes are utilized. 

Thirty pharmacogenetically-relevant genes were evaluated for the presence of significant alleles and SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms). A full list of the alleles and SNP IDs comprising the characterization of Geneknown™ hepatocytes can be found on SEKISUI XenoTech’s website.

Highlights of Geneknown™ pooled human hepatocytes include:

  • Cells were cryopreserved with a patent pending single-freeze process for high viability and cell yield
  • CYP2C19*2/*2 no activity homozygotes and CYP2C19*1/*1 wild-type controls
  • Complex genetics of CYP2D gene cluster are characterized with 25 individual SNP assays, as well as, CYP2D6 and CYP2D7 gene copy number variation assays, allowing identification of ultra-rapid, extensive and poor metabolizers
  • CYP3A5*1/*1 high-activity homozygotes, CYP3A5*1/*3 intermediate activity heterozygotes and CYP3A5*3/*3 no-activity control cells
  • UGT1A1 low-activity donors carrying two alleles of reduced activity and wild-type UGT1A1*1/*1 control donors
  • OATP1B1*5/*5 homozygotes and wild-type OATP1B1*1/*1 control cells

Genotyped human liver microsomes are also available from SEKISUI XenoTech, and genotyped hepatocytes from individual donors may be provided upon custom request. Learn more at

About SEKISUI XenoTech

SEKISUI XenoTech, LLC is a global Contract Research Organization utilized by 98% of top pharma companies and numerous other organizations. For almost 25 years, the company has offered proven drug development expertise, providing an ever-evolving selection of cell and tissue-based productsscreeningradiolabeling, API manufacturing, in vitro ADME Tox and pharmacologyin vivo ADME Tox and QWBAmetabolite ID and productionbioanalytical services and consulting. SEKISUI XenoTech’s product selection includes a wide range of high-quality unique and standard reagents, including subcellular fractionshepatocytesmediatissue samplescell linesrecombinant enzymessubstrates & metabolites and more. The company also regularly prepares and delivers custom-designed products and services in response to client requests. For additional information, please refer to the company’s website at