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MALDI-Imaging quantitation of neurotransmitters in rat brain using “Triple Spray” method

  • Published on October 5, 2018
  • In Vivo & Radiolabeling
  • Test Systems & Methods
  • Scientific Posters

Presented at the 33rd JSSX Annual Meeting / 2018 MDO Meeting in Japan Toshimasa Ito,


Masashi Hiramoto, Satoshi Ito, Tsutomu Negama

Drug Development Solutions Center, Drug Development Solutions Division, SEKISUI Medical Co., Ltd., Analysis and Pharmacokinetics Research Labs., Astellas Pharma Inc.


MALDI-Imaging Mass Spectrometry can visually elucidate the distribution of substances in biological samples. In case of using this technique for application in drug development, it requires quantitativity. However, currently there is no effective quantitative method.

In order to solve this problem, we developed the Triple Spray method using derivatization reagent mTRAQ. This method enables us to quantify the amine distribution by normalizing the amine specific matrix effect. This allows us to get a better representation of the distribution and quantitate each target compound. In this study, we evaluated the distribution of neurotransmitters in rat brain quantitatively…

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