April 2019

Quality Control is What Makes the Comprehensive Collection of Cell Lines from JCRB Among the Highest Regarded and Most Widely Distributed in the World

Author: Dr. Arihiro Kohara, Kimiho Yamada, Madison Knapp Posted: 23 April 2019

We are proud to be the exclusive distributor in North America and Europe for the Japanese Collection of Research Bioresources, a cell bank with over a thousand unique cell lines used in research labs worldwide. Of utmost importance to JCRB is quality assurance, from acquisition through storage and distribution. Read more about the methods JCRB employs to maintain high standards in quality and care for their cell lines…

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Minding Your Binding: Plasma Protein Binding Potential Study Now Available at Our US and Japan Labs

Author: Madison Knapp, Andrea Wolff, Dr. Joanna Barbara Posted: 15 April 2019

Plasma Brotein Binding potential is an important part of safety considerations for a drug candidate, and data can affect dosing considerations in clinical trials. PPB studies, now available on our KC campus, use Rapid Equilibrium Dialysis to determine fraction unbound so you can reliably measure free drug concentration for therapeutic effect. Read more about the features and benefits of this updated service...

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Studies in Japan: Easier & More Beneficial than You Might Think

Author: Madison Knapp Posted: 08 April 2019

The idea of sending compounds to labs outside the country may be daunting, but partnering with SEKISUI XenoTech makes it easy. Our US lab is well-known for unparalleled experience in quality in vitro ADME/DMPK/DDI studies and complementary products, but did you know that our Tokai campus is the number one market share holder in ADME studies in Japan?

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Can Interactions Between Therapeutic Proteins and Small Molecule Drugs Be Evaluated In Vitro?

Author: Greg Loewen, Dr. Maciej Czerwinski Posted: 04 April 2019

Even with the rise of biologics, small molecules make up most of prescribed drugs around the world — how do they interact with large molecule therapies like therapeutic proteins?

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New Liver Tissue Microarrays Available – What Would Benefit Your Research?

Author: Madison Knapp, Dr. Maciej Czerwinski Posted: 02 April 2019

Liver disease research is expanding, and researchers need the best available materials with which to expand knowledge in this area. SEKISUI XenoTech offers a variety of tissue microarrays for use in applied and academic research, and has conducted studies utilizing a newly available pediatric array to advance understanding in hyaluronan deposition and CYP activity in children affected by liver dysfunction...

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