XenoTech Promotes Environmental Responsibility

Author: Christian Darabant
Posted: 8/14/2014

Sekisui Environmental Week is a hands-on, annual activity to promote conservation awareness and eco-friendly practices at all Sekisui sites, around the world. The measured contribution activities were initiated by Sekisui divisonal President, Naofumi Negishi. XenoTech, Sekisui's flagship for global biopharmaceutical contract research, embraced the opportunity to participate with 80 staff members from XenoTech's Lenexa, KS headquarters achieving eco-activity targets.

According to Brady Arnold, XenoTech Environmental and Safety Manager, "XenoTech continued to galvanize its Environmental Stewardship commitment with broad staff participation during Sekisui Environmental Week. Spirited staff contributions reached well beyond the walls of XenoTech and promoted lasting initiatives. Activities included planting trees, cleaning facilities inside and out, recycling, donating clothing to charity, energy and water conservation, composting, and replacing disposables with reusable items such as drink and food containers and shopping bags. Even employees on vacation participated by picking up litter at a National park and on the beach."

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