February 2018

Recombinant CYP Bactosomes: versatile formats for many ADME applications

Author: Isabelle Nobiron, tebu-bio Posted: 25 February 2018

A post from our EU partner, tebu-bio, on Recombinant CYPs, which are commonly used in ADME-Tox studies as in vitro tools, mostly for reaction phenotyping, enzyme inhibition screening, clearance and metabolite ID...

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Insects and Cattle and Sheep, Oh My!

Author: Aaron Hilgedick, Michael Millhollen Posted: 15 February 2018

Over the past two decades, we’ve received a lot of interesting requests for custom tissue preparations here at Sekisui XenoTech. Read about some of the unique species, tissues and cellular preparations as well as characterization assays that we’ve performed...

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