June 2018

No-Cost, On-Demand Primary Human Hepatocyte Pooling Using CryostaX Pellets

Author:  Dr. Chris Bohl, Michael Millhollen
Posted:  15 June 2018

CryostaX® hepatocytes are created using a patented process that produces unique single-donor cell pellets. This format allows scientists to easily pool primary hepatocytes from different donors, with up to 20 donors in a standard vial, without inflicting a second cryopreservation step on the cells.
This unmatched solution allows Sekisui XenoTech to quickly combine individual donors’ hepatocytes in any combination to create on-demand, custom pools without any additional costs. Since each individual is extensively characterized, custom pools can be designed based on donor demographics, medical histories, genotyping, metabolic activity and more. Common options include:

  • Specific Enzyme Activity
  • Assured Minimum Yield (AMY)
  • Pool Size
  • BMI
  • Disease State
  • Age, Ethnicity &/or Gender
  • Alcohol, Tobacco &/or Drug Use
  • Serologies
Because designing and producing custom CryostaX® human hepatocyte pools does not demand thawing vials from multiple lots, physically pooling the lots, and then re-cryopreserving the hepatocytes; custom CryostaX® pools also maintain the highest possible metabolism activity from only having undergone a single cryopreservation, reducing cryoinjury to the cells.

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