XenoTech Hosts Bring Your Kids to Work Day

Author: Matt Beck
Posted: 5/4/2015

On Thursday, April 23rd, XenoTech participated in "bring your child to work day". At XenoTech, we are passionate about what we do and we believe it is imperative to instill in our children the importance of science and math curriculum. We enjoyed a day full of learning with the kids, hoping to spark a love for science. We hosted a range of scientific activities during the afternoon including the following:

  • Creation of density columns
  • Investigation of the chemical reaction between yeast & peroxide (measured the temperature change of a thermal reaction)
  • Creation of naked eggs (shell was dissolved with vinegar)
  • Creation of CO2 fire extinguisher
  • Investigation of two different soaps when microwaved
  • Creation of hoop gliders and soap powered boats
  • Creation of cells (decorated cookies with various toppings serving as different organelles)

XenoTech is aiming to inspire the next generation of great scientists.

Enjoy the photos below.


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