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XenoTech Company Halloween

Yesterday was Halloween and the employees of XenoTech celebrated in style. Many within the company adorned Halloween garb all for the hope of being crowned “best dressed” in 2013. To the winner went the spoils; A DAY OFF WITH PAY! We are happy to announce the winner of the costume contest this year was Mr. Aaron Hilgedick for his creative spin on a train. Complete with overalls, a train whistle, smoke and a headlight, this train was impressive. Conductor Aaron looked the part, thanks for sharing this creative costume with us.

XenoTech opened its doors at 3pm to the “children” of XenoTech personnel. As you can see, children included animals. The kids (and dogs) all looked great as they trick-or-treated throughout the building (but not in the labs, of course). Enjoy some photos from Halloween 2013 below.


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Matthew Beck was the Global Marketing Manager for SEKISUI XenoTech from 2012 - 2016.

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