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Pooled Animal Hepatocytes for Suspension

Hepatocytes in suspension are used primarily for compound stability, metabolite formation, extended incubations using the relay method, inhibition studies, uptake, and cell biology studies. Pooled suspension lots are best suited for short-term studies (4-6 hours) due to decreases in metabolic activity and viability over time. We offer pooled cryopreserved animal hepatocytes for suspension in our patented CryostaX® format or in a traditional vial format. We can also fulfill fresh hepatocyte requests.

Our standard product offerings include CryostaX® and traditional vial format preparations of pooled hepatocytes for suspension from dog, minipig, monkey, mouse, rabbit, and rat:

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Available Pooled Suspension Animal Hepatocytes

Characterization Provided

  • 7-Ethoxycoumarin O-dealkylation
  • 7-Hydroxycoumarin glucuronidation
  • 7-Hydroxycoumarin sulfonation
  • Post-thaw viability and assured minimum yield (AMY)

CryostaX® Pooled Hepatocytes: Greater Convenience, Performance & Versatility

CryostaX® pooled animal hepatocytes present an easy to use, cost-effective, high-value test system for in vitro preclinical studies. All of our CryostaX® products are developed using our patented single-freeze cryopreservation method (Patent 9,642,355) which minimizes cryoinjury and promotes high metabolic activity, cell yield, attachment, and viability.

  • Patented single-freeze process minimizes cryoinjury
  • Custom on-demand pooling based on numerous options at no additional charge
  • Large lots
  • High-quality data
  • Convenient, more efficient thawing process than traditional vial format
  • Extensively characterized
  • Highly competitive pricing

Thawing Cryopreserved Hepatocytes

Download our thawing protocol or watch our short demonstration videos below to get the best results when thawing your cryopreserved hepatocytes:

Match your suspension hepatocytes with the right media for optimal results

Each of our hepatocyte media products is specially optimized to give you the best results from your hepatocytes. Read our media guide outlining best practices in storage and handling to maximize performance and output of your hepatocyte cultures.

Pair your suspension hepatocytes with the right media for optimal results

Match your assays to the right test system

Find the right high quality in vitro test systems and reagents for your in-house ADME/DMPK/DDI assays

In vivo adme rat study

Optimize your hepatocyte assays

Explore our media offerings; each specialized formula is carefully crafted by our scientists to ensure the best quality possible in your DMPK assays

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