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Cryopreserved Male Gottingen Minipig Suspension Hepatocytes – AMY 4 mil.

Cryopreserved Gottingen Minipig Hepatocytes: Male Donor

Category: Cryopreserved Hepatocytes (Pooled)
Species: Minipig - Gottingen
Gender: MALE
Unit of Measure:
Assured Minimum Yield: 4 million

Our optimized media is strongly recommended to be able to reproduce the results shown on the datasheets below.

Lots Datasheet Available Quantity Quantity Price Pool Size Viability ECOD 7-HCG(UGT)
0910452 View Datasheet 6
$225.00 3 83.4%
1410242 View Datasheet 241
$225.00 3 78% 127 27.6