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Ready-Plate® Cultured Animal Hepatocytes

Ready-Plate® cryopreserved animal hepatocytes provide a convenient alternative to fresh hepatocytes and save you the time and resources spent thawing and plating in house. We will thaw, plate, overlay with extracellular matrix, and deliver to your door any of the following cryopreserved animal hepatocytes in the well-format of your choice:

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Available Ready-Plate® Cultured Animal Hepatocytes Plated with Matrigel Overlay

We will plate your hepatocytes for you to make your in-house DMPK assays run smoothly

Leave it to us– we’ll prepare cultured hepatocytes for you!

Our product experts will thaw, plate, overlay with extracellular matrix and deliver to your door; saving you valuable time and ensuring a perfect plate every time.

Ready-Plate®, preplated cryopreserved dog, monkey, mouse, and rat hepatocytes provide a convenient alternative to fresh hepatocytes– cryopreservation allows for long-term testing from the same donor while maintaining the ability to respond to prototypical inducers, maintain drug-metabolizing enzymes and express transporter activity. All of our Ready-Plate® hepatocytes must demonstrate acceptable morphology and confluency before they are made available for purchase.

Get your hepatocytes fast and in multiple formats.

We can plate hepatocytes from a single species or multiple species on each plate. All orders will be processed according to the following schedule unless otherwise arranged: (orders must be received by EOB on the prior Friday).

Monday – Ready-Plate® hepatocytes prepared & plated
Tuesday – Ready-Plate® hepatocytes shipped
Wednesday – Ready-Plate® hepatocytes delivered by 10AM

Match your assays to the right test system

Find the right high quality in vitro test systems and reagents for your in-house ADME / DMPK / DDI assays

In vivo adme rat study

Optimize your plated hepatocyte assays

Explore our media offerings, each specialized formula is carefully crafted by our scientists to ensure the best quality possible in your plated hepatocyte assays

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