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Plateable Human Hepatocytes for In Vitro Studies in Drug Development

Cryoplateable hepatocytes are the closest alternative to fresh hepatocytes and are used most often as plated confluent monocultures with a thin overlay of extracellular matrix, which best replicates in vivo cellular function and conditions. This format allows drug developers to study hepatobiliary drug transport, metabolism, potential drug-drug interactions, and hepatotoxicity. Plateable fresh hepatocytes are also available.

Our plateable hepatocytes can be used in monoculture or coculture formats; while monoculture is best suited for observing the activity of enzymes abundant in hepatocytes, cocultures incorporate other non-parenchymal hepatic cell types and can be used in 2D or 3D systems.

Plated human hepatocytes

Our cryoplateable animal and human hepatocytes are qualified by their ability to maintain a confluent monolayer (>85% confluency) for at least five days (some lots are characterized for seven), a critical criterion for induction studies and useful for toxicology. Animal lots are characterized for general drug-metabolizing enzyme activity, and human lots are further characterized for specific CYP activity or general UGT and SULT activities. For user convenience, each lot is also tested for optimal seeding density, noted on the accompanying datasheet.

Our Plateable Primary Human Hepatocytes

When it comes to getting your hepatocyte cultures ready for assays, we like to make sure you have options. Below, find all the different formats we offer to fit various needs and assays:

CryostaX® Plateable pooled human hepatocytes offer a simple, cost-effective test system for metabolic clearance, metabolic stability, hepatotoxicity, hepatic uptake/efflux studies, and CYP induction screening studies. All of our pooled hepatocyte products are developed with a patented single-freeze process which minimizes cryoinjury and promotes high viability and cell yield.

Single donor plateable human hepatocytes are a preferred test system for definitive induction assays, metabolic stability, toxicity, and transporter studies. We offer multiple assured minimum yield (AMY) options and extensive characterization and donor criteria, allowing us to customize your order to meet the specific needs of your study. Single donor attaching lots are available in both our patented, single-freeze CryostaX® format as well as traditional vial format.

Ready-Plate® primary human hepatocytes provide a convenient alternative to fresh hepatocytes. We will thaw, plate, overlay with extracellular matrix, and deliver to your door any of our cryoplateable hepatocytes in the well-format of your choice.

Our Fa2N-4 immortalized human hepatocytes retain near-normal morphology in culture for use in induction screening and lysosomal trapping assays and allow you to compare results using hepatocytes from the same donor over multiple years and across studies, providing consistent results and the convenience of a predictable supply.

Thawing & Plating Cryopreserved Hepatocytes

Download our protocol or watch the demos below to get the best results when thawing and plating your cryopreserved hepatocytes:

What Else You Should Know About Attaching Primary Human Hepatocyte Lots…

Cryoplateable hepatocytes are the closest alternative to using fresh hepatocytes. They are unique in their ability to attach to collagen substratum and can be cultured long enough to respond to prototypical inducers even after being cryogenically frozen. Our products team qualifies every attaching lot for the ability to maintain a confluent monolayer (>85% confluency) in culture for five days, an important criterion for IND-enabling enzyme induction, toxicology, and some low-turnover compound metabolism studies. Additionally, a datasheet detailing optimal seeding density and a photomicrograph of culture accompany each lot shipment for user convenience.

All cryoplateable hepatocyte lots are characterized for the following:

CYP1A2Phenacetin O-dealkylation
CYP2A6Coumarin 7-hydroxylation
CYP2B6Bupropion hydroxylation
CYP2C8Amodiaquine N-dealkylation
CYP2C9Diclofenac 4′-hydroxylation
CYP2C19S-Mephenytoin 4′-hydroxylation
CYP2D6Dextromethorphan O-demethylation
CYP2E1Chlorzoxazone 6-hydroxylation
CYP3A4/5Testosterone 6β-hydroxylation
CYP3A4/5Midazolam 1′-hydroxylation
UGT7-Hydroxycoumarin glucuronidation
SULT7-Hydroxycoumarin sulfonation

*Fold induction for CYP1A2, 2B6 AND 3A4 dermined by measuring MRNA labels and enzymatic activities.

Plate like a Pro

Our how-to guide gives you tips and tricks to make sure your hepatocyte cultures are prepared and maintained correctly

Mini-webinar from our product specialist to show you how to thaw and plate cryopreserved hepatocytes

Match your test systems with the right media

Our formulas are optimized to give you the best results from your plated hepatocytes.

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