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Ready-Plate® Pre-Plated Single-Donor or Pooled Cryopreserved Human Hepatocytes

Ready-Plate® cryopreserved human hepatocyte cells provide a convenient alternative to fresh hepatocytes and solve challenges of thawing and plating cells in house. We will thaw, plate, overlay with a Matrigel extracellular matrix, and deliver to your door cryoplateable hepatocytes in the well-format of your choice.

Leave it to us-we’ll plate your hepatocytes for you

Our product experts will thaw, plate, overlay with extracellular matrix and deliver to your door; saving you valuable time and ensuring a perfect plate every time.

Ready-Plate® cryopreserved human hepatocytes provide a convenient alternative to fresh hepatocytes – cryopreservation allows for long-term testing from the same donor while maintaining the ability to respond to prototypical inducers, maintain drug-metabolizing enzymes and express transporter activity. Our team is happy to pre-plate any of our pre-characterized, cryoplateable individual-donor or pooled human hepatocytes in the well-format of your choice (as availability permits), on demand. Simply choose from our large selection of characterized cryoplateable hepatocytes and let our cellculture experts take care of the rest!

All of our Ready-Plate® hepatocytes must demonstrate normal morphology, confluency and meet our stringent acceptance criteria for enzymatic activity and fold induction in response to prototypical inducers.

In addition to convenience and performance guarantees, Ready-Plate® also provides cost savings from our standard hepatocyte cost as well as shipping. We can plate a single donor, several donors* or pooled plateable donors* (ideal for metabolism studies) on each plate.

*Minimal order will apply. Contact a Product Specialist to find out more.

Get your hepatocyte plated cells fast

Schedule of preparation and delivery for Ready-Plate pre-plated hepatocytes is as follows (orders must be received by EOB on the prior Friday):

  • Monday – Ready-Plate® hepatocytes prepared & plated
  • Tuesday – Ready-Plate® hepatocytes shipped
  • Wednesday – Ready-Plate® hepatocytes delivered by 10AM

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