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Primary Human Hepatocytes for Suspension

Hepatocytes in suspension are used primarily for compound stability, metabolite formation, extended incubations using the relay method, inhibition studies, uptake, and gene expression studies. Suspension lots are best suited for short-term incubations (4-6 hours) due to inherent decreases in viability and metabolic activity over time.

Pooled suspension human hepatocytes offer a simple, cost-effective test system for in vitro metabolite identification, species comparison, metabolic stability, and uptake transporter studies. All of our pooled human hepatocyte products are prepared with specialized techniques that conserve viability and promote cell yield.

Single donor suspension human hepatocytes can be used in species comparison, metabolic stability, drug metabolism, uptake transporter assays, and 3D hepatic models. We offer Single Donor suspension hepatocytes in our patented, single-freeze CroystaX® format with an assured minimum yield (AMY) of 5 million cells. We also offer traditional vial format lots with AMY options of 3, 4, or 6 million cells. We include many selection criteria options, allowing us to customize your order to meet the specific needs of your study.

Thawing Cryopreserved Hepatocytes

Download our thawing protocol or watch our short demonstration video below to get the best results when thawing your cryopreserved hepatocytes:

Match your suspension hepatocytes with the right media

Our complementary OptiIncubate media formulas are optimized to give you the best results from your hepatocytes. Read our media guide for tips and tricks to maximize performance and output of your hepatocyte assays.

Pair your suspension hepatocytes with the right media for optimal results

Match your test systems with the right media

Our formulas are optimized to give you the best results from your in vitro assays

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