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Discovery Plus™ Screening: Cell Permeability (Caco-2 and MKDCKII) Assay

Our Cell Permeability Screening Assay gives you quick, low-cost data for one or more compounds to better understand permeability properties of drug candidates.

The permeability of a compound can affect its absorption and distribution; our Discovery Plus™ Cell Permeability assay makes it possible to measure permeability across either a Caco-2 monolayer to evaluate intestinal absorption or an MDCKII-MDR1 monolayer to evaluate potential blood-brain barrier permeability. Our flexible assay design allows you to measure unidirectional or bidirectional permeability, and inhibitors can be added to evaluate the effect transporters have on the permeability of a drug candidate.

Moving quickly through drug discovery and development saves you time and money; get data from a Discovery Plus™ screening study quickly to make risk-based decisions faster and get you through the pipeline more efficiently.

Our Approach to In Vitro Permeability Screening

  • Incubations performed in 24-well transwell plates
  • Permeability options include; unidirectional A->B or B->A, bidirectional A->B and B->A, + / – inhibitor
  • Options for 1 or 3 incubation time points
  • Cultured Caco-2 cells or MDCKII cells
  • Incubations performed in triplicate
  • Positive control included
  • A tabulated summary of results includes:
    • Permeability (Papp)
    • % recovery
CYP induction assays can inform DDI potential of a drug compound during preclinical development
Cell LinePositive Control /
probe substrate
Positive Control inhibitor

Permeability data is requested by the FDA for IND submissions

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What’s Next?

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