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Sekisui XenoTech is a global distributor and the exclusive North American distributor of HepatoChem’s BMO Kits (BioMimetic Oxidation Kits) and O-Glucuronidation Kits for rapid metabolite synthesis. These kits provide a revolutionary way to screen, optimize and produce metabolites directly from drug candidates.

Phase I Metabolism

The BMO kit exploits an optimized panel of catalytic chemical reaction conditions using organometallic catalysts in a multi-well parallel format. This mimics the suite of cytochrome P450 enzymes (CYP) present in human hepatocytes, offering the researcher a unique synthetic chemical liver. This chemical liver offers the advantage of scalability of chemistry. When a reaction condition is identified, it is optimized and scaled up to produce mg quantities of metabolites. BMO Kits are suitable for the preparation of metabolites for both MS/MS and NMR.

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BMO Kits enable the synthesis of metabolites directly from the parent drug, in three simple steps:

  1. Perform the primary screen, select the desired metabolite wells.
  2. Perform the optimization. Identify the best production conditions in this kit.
  3. Scale-up and isolate the metabolite.

With LC-MS, the BMO Kit offers many benefits, including:
  • Produce drug metabolites in days, not months
  • Eliminate complex and costly synthetic chemistries
  • Rapid, inexpensive scale-up for NMR and in vitro testing
  • Exclusive process produces quantities sufficient for characterization of metabolites
  • Convenient, room temperature reagents
  • Fast, inexpensive & reproducible
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Product Description Amount
XTHCK1001-01 BMO Screening Kit 1 Kit
XTHCK1001-02 BMO Optimization Kit 1 Kit
XTHCK1001-03* BMO Production Kit 1 Kit
*Please contact us for pricing (based on scale) or to place an order.

No LC-MS? Too Busy?
We also offer metabolite production services.


Phase II Metabolism


O-Glucuronidation Kit

Glucuronide formation can be a major avenue of drug metabolism. O-Glucuronidation enhances the bile/plasma ratio of a metabolite relative to the parent drug. However, glucuronides are more polar and ionic than the parent drug, and while most glucuronides are inactive, they are not always lower in toxicity or inactivation.
Identifies Reaction Conditions that Produce the Glucuronide Adduct of a Drug:
  • Eliminate costly synthetic chemistries
  • Produce O-Glucuronides in a few days
  • Rapidly & inexpensively screen reactions producing mg quantities of metabolite
  • Easily implement - compatible with existing workflow
HepatoChem’s Glucuronidation Kit Features: 
  • Two step synthesis of phase 2 metabolites
  • Derived from the Koenigs-Knorr reaction
  • Innovative panels of chemical reaction conditions utilizing reagents in a multi-well, parallel format
  • 8 reaction conditions and 2 reaction conditions using BF3
  • 4 different salts (Ag2CO3, Ag2O, Cs2CO3 and Na2CO3)
  • 2 different solvents
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Product Description Amount
HCK1002-01-001S* Glucuronidation Starter Kit 1 Kit
HCK1002-01-001* Glucuronidation Refill Kit 1 Kit
HCK1002-01-002S* Mini Glucuronidation Starter Kit 1 Kit
HCK1002-01-002* Mini Glucuronidation Refill Kit 1 Kit
*Please contact us for pricing (based on scale) or to place an order.
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