Animal Hepatocytes

Animal hepatocytes provide a cost-effective alternative to human hepatocytes for in vitro drug metabolism studies. XenoTech offers three different animal hepatocyte products, including cells from a wide variety of toxicologically relevant species. Custom products can also be ordered to meet the specific needs of any study.

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View Animal Hepatocyte Products:
CryostaX® Pooled Monkey Hepatocytes (single-freeze, customizeable pools)
CryostaX® Pooled Rodent Hepatocytes (single-freeze, customizeable pools)
CryostaX® Pooled Rabbit Hepatocytes (single-freeze, customizeable pools)
Cryopreserved Animal Hepatocytes (pooled suspension hepatocytes)
Cryoplateable Animal Hepatocytes (pooled attaching hepatocytes)
Ready-Plate® Animal Hepatocytes (pre-plated hepatocytes)
Custom Hepatocyte Preparations
Optimized Hepatocyte Thawing, Plating, Overlay, Incubate and Culture Media

Hepatic Cells from Toxicologically Relevant Species Available:
Monkey hepatocytes
Canine/Dog hepatocytes
Rabbit hepatocytes
Minipig hepatocytes
Rat hepatocytes
Mouse hepatocytes
And more

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