Cryoplateable Animal Hepatocytes

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Sekisui XenoTech offers a wide variety of cryoplateable animal hepatocytes used for in vitro drug metabolism studies, in vitro induction assays and toxicity studies. Cryoplateable animal hepatocytes provide a cost-effective alternative to using fresh plated hepatocytes. Sekisui XenoTech’s cryoplateable animal hepatocytes feature comprehensive characterization and provide the best culture quality on the market.

Sekisui Xenotech features Sprague Dawley, Wistar and Wistar Han rat, CD-1 mouse, Beagle dog and Cynomolgus monkey cryoplateable hepatocytes. If your study requires cryoplateable hepatocytes from a different species, contact one of our product specialists to find out how Sekisui XenoTech’s Custom Products can meet your needs.

Characterization Provided
7-Ethoxycoumarin O-dealkylation
7-Hydroxycoumarin glucuronidation
7-Hydroxycoumarin sulfonation
Post-thaw viability and Assured Minimum Yield (AMY)
Cryoplateable lots include photomicrograph of culture
Convenient and ready to use
Characterized using LC-MS/MS methods
No waiting on fresh tissue

View Sekisui XenoTech's cryopreserved hepatocyte thawing and plating protocol here.

View Sekisui XenoTech's cryoplateable human hepatocyte lots. Buy cell and tissue based products
Product Description Volume AMY
D1000.H15+ Cryopreserved Male Beagle Dog Hepatocytes, AMY 3.5 mil. - Attaching 1mL 3.5 million
D1000.H15B+ Attaching Cryopreserved male Beagle dog hepatocytes, AMY 6.0 mil. 1mL 6 million
M1000.H15+ Cryopreserved Male CD1 Mouse Hepatocytes, Attaching AMY 2 mil. 1.5mL 2 million
M1000.H15B+ Cryopreserved Male CD1 Mouse Hepatocytes, Attaching AMY 4 mil. 1.5mL 4 million
M1500.H15+ Cryopreserved Female CD1 Mouse Hepatocytes, 1.5mL AMY 2mil. Attaching 1.5mL 2 million
P2000.H15A+ Cryopreserved Male Cyno Monkey Hepatocytes - AMY 4 mil. - Attaching 1mL 4 million
P2000.H15B+ Cryopreserved Male Cyno Monkey Hepatocytes, AMY 6 mil. Attaching 1.5mL 6 million
R1000.H15+ Cryopreserved Male IGS SD Rat Plateable Hepatocytes, 1.5 mL, AMY 7 mil. 1mL 7 million
R1500.H15+ Cryopreserved Female IGS SD Rat Plateable Hepatocytes, 1.5 mL, AMY 7 mil. 1mL 7 million
R3000.H15+ Plateable Cryopreserved Male Wistar Rat Hepatoyctes, AMY 7 mil. 1mL 7 million
R6000.H15+ Cryopreserved Male Wistar Han Rat Plateable Hepatocytes, AMY 7 million 1mL 7 million
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