Human Hepatocytes

Human hepatocytes provide an ideal alternative to in vivo testing because intact hepatocyte enzyme activities closely resemble the enzyme activity levels of the current population. In order to best meet the specific needs of a wide variety of study types, Sekisui XenoTech offers the following different hepatocyte products derived from human liver tissue. Custom products can also be ordered to meet the specific needs of any study.

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Human Hepatocyte Products:
Geneknown™ Hepatocytes (pooled genotyped hepatocytes)
HepatoSure® Pooled Human Hepatocytes (100-donor cryopreserved hepatocyte pools)
CryostaX® Pooled Human Hepatocytes (single-freeze, customizeable pools)
CryostaX® Pooled Plateable Human Hepatocytes (single-freeze, customizeable pools)
Cryoplateable Human Hepatocytes (individual donor attaching hepatocytes)
Ready-Plate® Human Hepatocytes (pre-plated hepatocytes)
Single-Donor Human Hepatocytes (individual donor suspension hepatocytes)
Transporter Certified Plateable Human Hepatocytes
Fresh Human Hepatocytes
Immortalized Hepatocytes (hepatocyte cell lines, JCRB also available)
Disease-Diagnosed Hepatocytes
Optimized Hepatocyte Thawing, Plating, Overlay, Incubate and Culture Media

Download our human hepatocyte flyer or contact a Sekisui XenoTech Product Specialist for more information.
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