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The use of fresh human hepatocytes can be problematic due to unpredictable availability, limited supply and varying performance. The solution is a ready-to-use cell line that is proven to perform well for many in vitro drug development applications.

Sekisui XenoTech offers Fa2N-4 immortalized human hepatocytes, which are useful to evaluate the induction of major cytochrome P450s (CYPs), UGTs and P-gps, and are a suitable test system for hepatotoxicity assessment, and lysosomal sequestration / trapping (ref. paper).

These Fa2N-4 immortalized human hepatocytes retain near-normal morphology and function in culture, and allow you to compare results using hepatocytes from the same donor over multiple years and across studies, providing consistent results and the convenience of a predictable supply. However, please note that passaging of the cells is not allowed without a license agreement. Buy cell and tissue based products
Product Description
IFH15 Cryopreserved Fa2N-4 Line - Immortalized Hepatocytes
IFHP.06 Fa2N-4 Line - 6 well - Collagen Coated Plate
IFHP.12 Fa2N-4 Line - 12 well - Collagen Coated Plate
IFHP.24 Fa2N-4 Line - 24 well - Collagen Coated Plate
IFHP.48 Fa2N-4 Line - 48 well - Collagen Coated Plate
IFHP.96 Fa2N-4 Line - 96 well - Collagen Coated Plate
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