Transporter Certified Hepatocytes

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Select lots of Sekisui XenoTech cryoplateable human hepatocytes have been certified by a 3rd party* to culture for 5 days and maintain both uptake and efflux transporters as well as proper bile canaliculi formation. The transporter-certified hepatocytes have passed a multi-point evaluation starting with plating/culturing characteristics and ending with a broad evaluation of hepatic functions including uptake and efflux transporter functions, metabolic function and baseline bile acid synthesis/production. Each lot of certified hepatocytes contains the following information:

Transporter Activity

Probe Substrate Hepatic Transporter
Rosuvastatin Uptake (OATPs)
Pravastatin Uptake (OATPs)
Taurocholate Uptake (NTCP, OATPs)
Methotrexate Uptake (OAT1, OAT3)
Metformin Uptake (OCT1)
Taurocholate Efflux (BSEP)
Digoxin Efflux (P-gp)
Metformin Efflux (MATE 1)
Rosuvastatin Efflux (MRP2 / BCRP)
Pravastatin Efflux (BCRP / MRP2)
Methotrexate Efflux (BCRP / MRP2)
Includes Transported Relative to Fresh Hepatocytes

Bile Acid Profiles 

% Glycine conjugates and % Taurine conjugates for the following:
  • Transporter Certified™ lot
  • Fresh hepatocytes
  • In vivo

Hepatic Exposure (Kp Ratio) Provided

Kp ratios for Transporter Certified and fresh hepatocytes using the following substrates:
  • Taurocholate
  • Digoxin
  • Metformin
  • Rosuvastatin
  • Pravastatin
  • Methotrexate


Additional Information Provided

  • Viability
  • Cell yield
  • Protein content (mg/mL in 24-well)
  • Conjugation capacity and biliary excretion
  • Drug-transporter interactions
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Product Description Volume
H1000.H15Q Cryoplateable Male Human Hepatocytes - Qualyst Transporter Certified 1mL
H1500.H15Q Cryoplateable Female Human Hepatocytes - Qualyst Transporter Certified 1mL
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*Operated under a license from Qualyst Transporter Solutions, which provided the Transporter Certification™ and owns B-CLEAR®.