Human Liver Lysosomes

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Sekisui XenoTech’s lysosomes provide the most high-quality, specific, relevant, easy and ready to use in vitro test system to monitor stability/catabolism of targeted biotherapeutics. Purified recombinant enzymes, cell homogenates or cell lines engineered to overexpress certain proteins cannot replicate the environment that compounds will encounter in the native lysosome, nor do they take into account inherent differences between primary human tissue and cell lines. Purified hepatic lysosomes offer a complete and stoichiometrically correct enrichment of lysosomal contents from human primary tissue for greater lysosomal enzymatic activity and enrichment of lysosomal proteins with low contaminating activity from mitochondrial enzymes.

Our lysosomal isolation protocol has been optimized through characterization by immunoblot, enzymatic activity and protease content. We recommend utilizing our 10x catabolism buffer with this product to extract the most in vitro catabolic performance.

View our IgG Catabolism Protocol - Lysosome / Tritosome Technical Tips guide.

Sekisui XenoTech also provides rat liver tritosomes as well as lysosomal preparations from a variety of species as custom products. Buy cell and tissue based products
Product Description Protein Concentration
H0610.L Mixed Gender Human Liver Lysosomes 2-3 mg/mL
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