RapidStart NADPH Regenerating System

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NADPH is a cofactor required to support reactions by drug metabolizing enzymes such as cytochrome P450 (CYP) and flavin-containing monooxygenases (FMO). Microsomes, S9 and Recombinant CYPs (Bactosomes) can be fortified with RapidStart™ to support the long-term metabolism of test articles by these enzymes.
Sekisui XenoTech’s RapidStart™ NADPH Regenerating System offers the easiest activation process on the market – just add water and you’re done! RapidStart™ is not only easily activated, but is the most flexible NADPH regenerating system you’ll find, allowing users to easily manipulate the system concentration by simply varying the amount of water added.

RapidStart™ Preparation Procedure:
  1. Determine the desired initial concentration using our RapidStart™ Dilution Concentration Tables
  2. Add: Add the appropriate amount of high purity water
  3. Agitate: Vortex until pellets are fully dissolved
  4. Activate: NADPH regenerating system has been activated and is ready for use!
For more information, download our RapidStart™ Flyer or contact a dedicated product specialist.
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Product Description Volume Vials
K5000 RapidStart NADPH Regenerating System - 1.5mL Each Single Vial
K5000-10-WEB RapidStart NADPH Regenerating System - 10 vial kit EACH 10 Vial Kit
K5100 RapidStart NADPH Regenerating System - 0.3mL Each Single Vial
K5100-5-WEB RapidStart NADPH Regenerating System, 0.3mL-5 vial kit EACH 5 Vial Kit
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