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Our Research BioBank is committed to providing normal and diseased human tissue samples for scientific investigation at a reasonable cost. Our tissue is collected from organs intended for transplantation, thus making it a highly representative test system for basic medical science and development of novel therapies.
The care taken to preserve viability of the tissue intended for transplantation distinguishes our Research Biobank specimens from samples collected at a typical post-mortem, usually compromised by several hours of a warm ischemia. Research Biobank human tissue samples feature:
  • High quality specimens from organs intended for transplantation
  • Large quantities compared to needle biopsies
  • Collected in a timely manner to preserve tissue viability
  • Supporting donor data - demographics, BMI, diabetes, alcohol use, etc.
  • Diagnosis supported by H&E slides

Tissue in Buffer, Subcellular Fractions, Paraffin Blocks, Slides and Matching-Donor Liver Tissue and Hepatocytes Available

Human gallbladder tissue samples are available below. Disease-defined liver tissue and/or hepatocytes are available for certain donors (see donor list for availability, hepatocytes are highlighted in green). Subcellular fractions, paraffin blocks or slides can be prepared upon request from any of the donors.

View a List of the Donors Currently Available in the Research Biobank


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HHPGB.NT Normal Gall Bladder Specimen 0.5g
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