Genotyped Human Liver Microsomes

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Sekisui XenoTech offers six commonly used genotyped human liver microsomes. Genotyped human liver microsomes are often used to investigate the influence of allelic variance on the safety and efficacy of new compounds.

These genetically-defined microsomes are available in high activity, moderate activity and no activity for the following polymorphically-expressed enzymes:  
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If your study requires genotyped microsomes not listed in our standard product offering, please check with one of our product specialists to see if we can prepare a custom product to meet the specific needs of your study.
For more information on genotyped human liver microsomes, contact a XenoTech Product Specialist today.
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Product Description Volume*
H2C9.HA CYP2C9 - High Activity (*1/*1 ) 0.5 mL
H2C9.MA CYP2C9 - Moderate Activity (*1/*2, *1/*3, *1/*5, *2/*2, *2/*3) 0.5 mL
H2C19.HA CYP2C19 - High Activity (*1/*1) 0.5 mL
H2C19.MA CYP2C19 - Moderate Activity (*1/*2, *1/*3, *1/*4, *1/*5) 0.5 mL
H2C19.NA CYP2C19 - No Activity (*2/*2, *2/*3, etc.) 0.5 mL
H2D6.HA CYP2D6 - High Activity (Activity score = 3) 0.5 mL
H2D6.MA CYP2D6 – Moderate Activity (Activity Score = 0.5-2.5) 0.5 mL
H2D6.NA CYP2D6 – No Activity (Activity Score = 0) 0.5 mL
H3A5.HA CYP3A5 – High Activity (*1/*1) 0.5 mL
H3A5.MA CYP3A5 – Moderate Activity (*1/*3) 0.5 mL
H3A5.NA CYP3A5 – No Activity (*3/*3) 0.5 mL
HU1A1.HA UGT1A1 – High Activity (*1/*1) 0.5 mL
HU1A1.MA UGT1A1 – Moderate Activity (*1/*28) 0.5 mL
HU1A1.NA UGT1A1 – No Activity (*28/*28) 0.5 mL
HU1A9.HA UGT1A9 – High Activity (*1/*1) 0.5 mL
HU1A9.MA UGT1A9 – Moderate Activity (*1/*3) 0.5 mL
HU1A9.NA UGT1A9 – No Activity (*3/*3) 0.5 mL
*All genotyped human liver microsomes are supplied at a protein concentration of 20 mg/mL in 250 mM sucrose
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