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UGT1A1 (UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1) is part of the glucuronidation pathway, transforming small molecules into excretable metabolites. It is a known metabolizer of estrogens (Yamanaka et al., 2007), bilirubin (Levesque et al., 2007), and pharmaceuticals, including irinotecan (Levesque et al., 2007), tranilast (Danoff et al., 2004), and some NSAIDs (Kuehl et al., 2005). A polymorphism in the promoter is associated with Gilbert syndrome (Buetler et al., 1998). Individuals with the wild type, UGT1A1*1, have a six TA repeat in the promoter. Individuals homozygous for the most common variant, UGT1A1*28, have a seven TA repeat in the promoter and have a 70% reduction in transcriptional activity compared to homozygous UGT1A1*1 individuals (Tukey et al., 2002).

UGT1A1 Allele Frequency
Allele African
UGT1A1*1 0.45 - 0.52 0.588 - 0.715
UGT1A1*28 0.035 - 0.08 0.285 - 0.388

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Product Description Volume
HU1A1.HA Individual Human Liver Microsomes - Genotyped for UGT1A1 - High Activity - 20mg/mL 0.5mL
HU1A1.MA Individual Human Liver Microsomes - Genotyped for UGT1A1 - Moderate Activity - 20mg/mL 0.5mL
HU1A1.NA Individual Human Liver Microsomes - Genotyped for UGT1A1 - No Activity - 20mg/mL 0.5mL
*All genotyped human liver microsomes are supplied at a protein concentration of 20 mg/mL in 250 mM sucrose
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