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Save 40% on Sekisui XenoTech's Clearance Hepatocytes & Subcellular Fractions

To make room for our expanding range of cell and tissue-based products, we're clearing out a selection of lots from many of our hepatocyte, microsome, cytosol and S9 products! Use promo code "CLEARANCE" to save 40% off* any of the lots on the following pages:

Clearance Hepatocyte Lots


Clearance Microsomes, Cytosol & S9

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Academic Labs Save 20%
Updated April 2019

Introducing New Fatty Liver Disease Tissue Microarrays and NASH Donor Pooled Human Liver Microsomes & S9!

We've added liver tissue arraysNASH microsomes & NASH S9 to our Research Biobank, which is comprised of high quality tissue collected from organs initially intended for transplant and representing the early stages of alcoholic or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The tissue features donor information, basic diagnosis, etc. and can also be prepared in buffer or as paraffin block slides, hepatocytes and subcellular fractions. However, the new arrays and NASH pool provide a cost effective opportunity to utilize tissue from multiple donors at once... Read More

Announced August 14, 2017

Sekisui XenoTech now offers pooled human liver S9 and cytosol subcellular fractions that have been prepared to preserve high AO (aldehyde oxidase) and XO (xanthine oxidase) activity for in vitro drug metabolism studies. As described in our recent poster, on average, AO activity is 2- to 3-fold higher and XO activity is over 5-fold higher with little effect on major CYP activity...

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Announced May 09, 2017


Sekisui XenoTech was issued U.S. Patent No. 9,642,355 for the “CRYOPRESERVATION OF CELLS AND SUBCELLULAR FRACTIONS,” specifically related to the CryostaX® test systems, the only single-freeze pooled hepatocytes in the industry, and enhanced its catalog of hepatocyte products with increased cell yield, viability and more...

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Announced October 05, 2016

Purified hepatic lysosomes show superior lysosomal enzymatic activity when compared to liver homogenate or S9 fraction, and are more predictive than individual purified proteins when trying to cost-effectively evaluate lysosomal stability for development of ADCs, siRNA/RNAi molecules, immunotherapeutics, biodegradable copolymers and nanoparticles, etc... Learn More
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