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XenoTech offers a wide variety of cryopreserved animal hepatocytes used for in vitro drug metabolism studies. Animal hepatocytes provide a cost-effective alternative to human hepatocytes and can be used to guide species selection for in vivo ADME services.

Xenotech features cryopreserved hepatocytes from six toxicologically relevant species including monkey, minipig, dog, rabbit, rat and mouse. Hepatocytes from male and female pools are available for most species. We also offer custom products to meet the specific needs of any study.

Characterization Provided

  • 7-Ethoxycoumarin O-dealkylation
  • 7-Hydroxycoumarin glucuronidation
  • 7-Hydroxycoumarin sulfonation
  • Post-thaw viability and Assured Minimum Yield (AMY)


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • No waiting on fresh tissue
  • Characterized using LC-MS/MS methods

View XenoTech's cryopreserved hepatocyte thawing protocol here.

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Animal Hepatocytes on Sale

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Product Description
Clearance L1000.H15 Lots Cyropreserved male New Zealand rabbit hepatocytes, AMY 5 mil., 1.5mL
Clearance M1500.H15 Lots Cryopreserved female CD-1 mouse hepatocytes, 1.5mL, AMY 2mil.
Clearance P1500.H15A Lots Cryopreserved female Rhesus monkey hepatocytes, AMY 4 mil.​, 1.5mL
Clearance P2500.H15A Lots Cryopreserved female Cynomolgus monkey hepatocytes, AMY 4 mil.​, 1.5mL
Clearance R1000.H15+ Lots Cryoplateable Sprague-Dawley Rat Hepatocytes: Male Donor
Clearance R3000.H15 Lots Cryopreserved male Wistar rat hepatoyctes, AMY 7 mil., 1.5mL
Clearance R6000.H15+ Lots Cryoplateable Wistar-Han Rat Hepatocytes: Male Donor
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