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Extrahepatic subcellular fractions are widely used in drug discovery and preclinical drug development to evaluate the potential for xenobiotic metabolism in non-liver organs. XenoTech’s extrahepatic subcellular fractions are developed using proprietary methods to maintain CYP and other enzymatic activities.
XenoTech’s standard extrahepatic subcellular fraction products include microsomes, S9 and cytosol from the following tissue:
  • Intestine
  • Kidney
  • Lung
If you require extrahepatic subcellular fractions from a tissue not included in our standard product offering, custom products can be conveniently ordered to meet the needs of any study.
For more information on extrahepatic products, download our subcellular fraction flyer or contact a XenoTech Product Specialist today.

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Extrahepatic Dog Subcellular Fractions on Sale

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Product Description
Clearance D1000.I(NP) Lots Pooled Beagle dog intestinal microsomes, PMSF free, male, 0.15 mL @ 10mg/mL
Clearance D1000.IS9 Lots Pooled Beagle dog intestinal S9, male, 1mL @ 4mg/mL
Clearance D1000.IS9(NP) Lots Pooled Beagle dog intestinal S9 fraction, PMSF free, male, 1mL @ 20mg/mL
Clearance D1000.P Lots Pooled Beagle dog lung microsomes, male, 0.5mL @ 10mg/mL
Clearance D1000.PS9 Lots Pooled Beagle dog lung S9, male, 1mL @ 5mg/mL
Clearance D1000.RC Lots Male beagle dog renal cytosol, 1mL @ 5mg/mL
Clearance D1000.RS9 Lots Pooled Beagle dog renal S9 fraction, male, 1mL @ 5mg/mL
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