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Human liver microsomes contain a wide variety of drug metabolizing enzymes and are commonly used to support in vitro ADME (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion) studies. These microsomes are used to examine the potential for first-pass metabolism of orally administered drugs.

XenoTech features pooled products which are engineered for specific higher CYP activities or a large donor pool that better represents the average American population. Individual donors that comprise these products are each significantly represented in the final pools we prepare. XenoTech offers the 200-donor XTreme pool as well as our 10- and 50-donor pooled human liver microsome products. XTreme 200 is the largest commercially-available pool of human liver microsomes.

Additionally, XenoTech offers a patented Reaction Phenotyping Kit designed to identify the human liver CYP or UGT enzyme(s) responsible for xenobiotic metabolism. This kit is often used to predict pharmacokinetic variability and provides valuable information on the potential for drug-drug interactions.

Click here to view the reaction phenotyping usage guide.

Features and Benefits:
  • Large donor pools minimize lot-to-lot variation
  • Suspended in 250mM sucrose for long-term stability
  • Sold in several different volume sizes and custom packaging is available upon request
  • Extensively characterized for 10 CYPs, FMO and 5 UGTs
  • CYP activities determined using validated LC-MS/MS methods
  • Matching S9 and Cytosol available for most donor pools
Custom human liver microsome products can be prepared if your study has specific donor requirements.
For more information, download our subcellular fraction flyer or contact a XenoTech Product Specialist today.

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Human Liver Subcellular Fractions on Sale

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Product Description
Clearance H1500 Lots Pooled human liver microsomes, female, 0.5mL, 20mg/mL
Clearance H1500.C Lots Pooled human liver cytosol, female, 1mL, 10mg/mL
Clearance H2610.C Lots XTreme 200 pooled human liver cytosol, mixed gender, 1mL, 10mg/mL
Clearance H2620.S9 Lots XTreme pooled human liver S9 fraction, mixed gender, 1mL, 20 mg/mL
*All human liver microsomes are supplied at a protein concentration of 20 mg/mL in
250 mM sucrose
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