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XenoTech Joins BioIVT: Expands Biospecimens Portfolio and Research Services

BioIVT, a leading provider of research models, biospecimens and research services for drug discovery and development has acquired XenoTech

Along with my colleagues at XenoTech, I am excited to announce that XenoTech is joining BioIVT. The press release shared today provides a brief overview of the acquisition.

The partnering of BioIVT and XenoTech provides expanded offerings for ADME-Tox and Drug-Drug Interaction research services as well as a broadened array of research products. The acquisition will give legacy customers of XenoTech and BioIVT access to a larger team of highly experienced scientists and study directors in pharmacokinetics, metabolism, DDI, toxicology, and transporter research.

In addition, BioIVT’s leading hepatocyte portfolio combined with XenoTech’s strengths in subcellular products, including microsomes, will provide you with a more comprehensive offering of hepatic research models. Like BioIVT, XenoTech is recognized for its commitment to quality and being an innovator in our industry.

We are excited to continue to service your product and ADME/DDI research needs and to provide access to a greatly expanded portfolio. At this time, your current contacts, active contracts, timeline commitments, and procedures for ordering and delivery of research products will remain unchanged. Today and as we integrate, you will experience our collective commitment to providing the highest quality in products and services with superior customer support.  As a stronger team we continue with our aspiration to both meet your needs and exceed your expectations. 

If you have questions about this exciting new chapter for XenoTech, please reach out to us at

Darren Warren, PhD