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The greatest strength of XenoTech is reputation for quality. That is an easy one. Attention to detail. Quality of reports. When it comes to DMPK running assays that are compliant, have established a good reputation. When you want to make sure something is done right they are often the first one thought of. Speed would be second. Initially we contracted with another vendor, but we got concerned about their quality and customer service, and then we came back to XenoTech. Speed, quality and attention to details is why we came back to them. You start to value that more and more. Sometimes you get it faster, but you might not be as confident in the experience and quality. You can go anywhere and you trust XenoTech. When it comes to DMPK, they have set the bar. They are a valued partner. A really positive assessment.

Pharma Chief Development Officer

High quality communications and input into experimental design.

Drug Development Consultant

Every XenoTech employee I had contact with throughout these studies have been a pleasure to work with. The entire process was seamless. I never had to inquire or wonder about the status of my studies. It was a complete pleasure to work with XenoTech and I will (and have) recommend them to anyone.

Regulatory Affairs for Small Pharma

XenoTech’s greatest strengths are flexibility, range of tissue fractions available in wide variety of preclinical species (what I usually turn to XenoTech for), scientific expertise (have reached out to experts there with questions), easy to contact and get prompt responses.

Large Pharma Test Systems Customer

In my dealings [SEKISUI XenoTech is] easy to work with, easy to respond to. They are not overly large with a bunch of meetings. You ask a question and you get an answer. Because of the nature of my clients that are not as well versed, they are willing to educate. If we didn’t need something, they would tell you. Open to discussion with clients. I was very pleased with their responses. I would use them again and I have recommended.

Biotech CEO

Long time buyer of your products, since when Andrew owned the company. Always excellent. Your prices are average to high, but the quality is outstanding. I prefer to work directly with your representatives. Third party vendors just don’t know niche products. I’ve ordered plateable hepatocytes from you in the past on liquid N2 from Kentucky and all went well, on what could have been a most difficult shipment.

Professor of Pharmacology

You continue to impress me with your amazing knowledge and quick replies. So thank you for your thorough analysis.

Senior DMPK Scientist for a Pharma Customer

We have used 2 different lots of Human 10 donor pooled CryostaX® and overall the viability has been very good. Typically I have observed close to or above the noted viability from the product specification sheets. In addition the yields per vial have been consistent to the product sheets. What is most helpful are the enzyme activity numbers as our in vitro clearance results match well with activity results provided by XenoTech. The CryostaX® pellets were very easy to work with as there was no need for a thawing step.

CryostaX User at a Small Pharma