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20% Discount for Academic Institutions in Support of DMPK Research

We have a soft-spot for universities conducting research in the pursuit of life-enhancing therapies.

Our experience in preparing in vitro test systems dates back to the 1980s, before XenoTech was even founded. The laboratory that would eventually evolve into XenoTech was busy making microsomes for their own drug metabolism research at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

Their research, under the direction of our founder, Dr. Andrew Parkinson, was so well regarded that after repeated requests from the scientific community, we also began to prepare and ship hepatocytes, microsomes and S9 fraction to laboratories worldwide. Over the last 25 years, we have been growing our expertise in cellular and subcellular test systems for nonclinical drug development and have even expanded our offerings to include assay supporting media, recombinant enzymes, antibodies, and more.

Take advantage of our academic roots and save 20% on DMPK test systems* and reagents EVERYDAY!

Simply create an account for your academic institution (please allow up to 5 business days to see the discount automatically applied when ordering).

*Please create an account before shopping or note your discount in the comments on your order for these products so that we can add the discount to your account. Offer excludes custom preparations and non- XenoTech products (such as JCRB cell lines and Cypex recombinant enzymes, P450 substrates & metabolites). Available in participating locations only (may not be available outside North America). Cannot be combined with other offers.

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FindHuman liver microsomes or other test systems for in vitro drug metabolism testing

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