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In Vitro ADME Screening Services for Drug Discovery and Early Development

Discovery Plus™ Screening Suite represents our offerings for drug developers who need to compare drug metabolism and drug-drug interaction (DDI) data between different drug candidates quickly and easily before more rigorous definitive studies designed to stand up to regulatory scrutiny. The Suite includes medium-throughput, non-GLP versions of definitive in vitro drug metabolism and DDI assays for comparison of ADME properties of multiple compounds (during the Lead Optimization stage) or to yield preliminary data for planning definitive metabolism studies.

Moving quickly through drug discovery and development saves you time and money; get data from any of the below Discovery Plus™ Suite offerings more quickly to make risk-based decisions faster and get you through the pipeline more efficiently.

Discovery Plus™ Screening Suite Offerings to Develop Your Compound’s PK Profile

Test systems and study design used to evaluate inhibitory potential vary across types of transporters, and can be viewed in terms of uptake and efflux:

CYP Inhibition screening assays evaluate direct and/or time-dependent inhibition of a compound with seven agency-recommended cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes to assess whether a compound is a likely perpetrator in metabolism-mediated DDI.

CYP Induction screening assays provide mRNA fold-change data to evaluate induction potential of a compound with major drug-metabolizing enzymes in less than fifteen business days.

Metabolic Stability screening assays assess drug candidates’ stability relating to biotransformation by drug-metabolizing enzymes by measuring the disappearance of the compound.

Cell Permeability screening assays allow early prediction of intestinal absorption, blood-brain barrier penetration, and tissue distribution using Caco-2 or MDCKII-MDR1 cells.

Plasma Protein Binding screening assays provide preliminary percentages of bound and unbound (free) drug available in the plasma for both target and off-target interactions in humans and preclinical species.

Transporter Inhibition screening studies provide a first look at the possible interaction between new drug candidates and the transporters listed in the FDA, PMDA and EMA DDI guidance documents.

Quick and Easy Medium-Throughput Screening

Discovery Plus™ makes it easy to narrow down your list of lead compounds or get useful preliminary data to better plan your definitive studies for preclinical development. We utilize medium-throughput assay design based on our robust, regulatory submission-quality definitive studies to allow multiple compounds to be screened simultaneously. Our in-house expert scientists generate and review the data to ensure you receive the most reliable screening data in the industry. 

Our medium-throughput screening methods make it easy for you to determine which compounds to nominate for lead status and move forward into definitive studies. Discovery Plus™ data are typically ready for you to review within 15 business days from the start date, often sooner depending on parameters.

  • Cost-effective
  • Dynamic, reliable data
  • Over 25 years of ADME screening expertise
  • Quick turnaround

What’s Next?

When you’re ready to start contracting IND-enabling preclinical ADME & DDI studies, work with a specialty CRO you can trust to give you high-quality data every time

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