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Test Systems & Methods

Notes from the 2021 HRA Expert Panel Discussion “Are Standard Hepatocyte Models/Test Systems Still Good Enough?”

MicroPhysiological Systems (MPS) is a general term used to describe miniaturized, in vitro test systems that couple microfluidics with advanced...

Why Switch to Hepatocyte Pellets?

You may have heard about the patented CryostaX® format of hepatocyte pellets, but do you know why SEKISUI XenoTech and countless other researchers have made…

Meet the Scientist: Stephanie Helmstetter

As part of our Meet the Scientist series, we introduce you to one of our most notable product experts, Stephanie Helmstetter.

Drug-Drug Interaction (DDI) Prediction Models Following In Vitro Studies in Preclinical Development

In preclinical development, a drug will be evaluated for potential to cause a drug-drug interaction (DDI) using in vitro experiments and then calculations that...

Toxicokinetic (TK) Analysis for Preclinical Drug Development

The main goal of preclinical toxicokinetic (TK) studies is to establish a correlation between a candidate compound’s concentration or dose...

New TMPRSS2-Expressing Cell Line for COVID-19 Research

We are offering a brand new cell line to assist researchers in the fight against COVID-19.The cell line (JCRB1819), developed...

What is ADME and how does it fit into drug development?

The main aim of drug development is to get a compound that has a therapeutic effect into the form of...

How to Choose the Right Test Systems for Your DMPK Studies

Test systems for DMPK in vitro studies are part of the very foundation of our company. Our labs were borne of...

Cypex Adds Recombinant UGTs

Recombinant enzymes represent a useful test system for studies requiring extra high levels of catalytic activity. Due to high customer demand, Cypex has...

Cell Handling & Media Selection for Best Results in Hepatocyte Assays

Getting reliable, reproducible results from studies using hepatocytes as a model system for drug metabolism is in part dependent on how well...

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