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Human Recombinant Cytochrome P450 (CYP) Enzymes

Recombinant enzymes represent a useful test system for studies requiring high levels of individual enzymatic activities and represent the simplest system available to study enzyme interaction. We are proud to be the exclusive distributor of Cypex Bactosomes in North America. These recombinant enzymes have activity levels similar to those found in vivo and are ideal test systems for preclinical reaction phenotyping inhibition studies. offer two recombinant enzyme bactosome products to support drug discovery and preclinical drug development services: Classic Bactosomes and EasyCYPs.

Classic Bactosomes (1 nmol volume) allow customers to choose specific enzyme activities with various levels of reductase and linearity for various in vitro assays. EasyCYPs are Bactosomes that are provided in a standard concentration (1 nmol/mL), standard protein concentration (10 mg/mL) and vial size (0.5 nmol).

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Human Recombinant Cytochrome P450 (CYP) Enzymes





Recombinant CYPs in drug discovery and preclinical development assays

Different isoforms of drug metabolizing enzymes are expressed in bacteria- or insect-derived systems to enable researchers to distinguish a xenobiotic’s effect on the activity of individual enzymes. Some enzymes, such as CYP3A4 and CYP3A5, are very similar in structure, overlap in target substrates, and are hard to distinguish by LC/MS analysis. Recombinant enzymes, therefore, are most often used to confirm any ambiguity observed in reaction phenotyping studies using matrices with complex enzymatic activities.  In cases of low metabolism, recombinant enzymes can be used at high concentrations to amplify metabolic activity for use in metabolic stability screening and inhibitory potential evaluation. 

Human Recombinant CYPs: Classic Bactosomes vs EasyCYPs

E. coli expressed recombinant enzymes, or Bactosomes, exhibit greater activity levels and turnover numbers when compared to CYPs expressed from insect cells, or Supersomes. Bactosomes show excellent linearity over time, allowing longer incubations and generating better results and can be optimized for various study types. Our selection includes Classic Bactosomes for a wide variety of CYP enzymes with differing levels of reductase and b5. Classic Bactosomes show excellent linearity over time, allowing longer incubations and generating better results.

Similar to Classic Bactosomes, EasyCYPs are offered for a wide variety of human CYP enzymes in low or high reductase and with or without b5. EasyCYPs boast standard CYP concentration, standard protein concentration and a standard vial size for ease of use. EasyCYPs are commonly used for inhibition, metabolism, reaction phenotyping and metabolite generation studies.

Cypex Classic Bactosome & EasyCYP Features

  • Standardized for ultimate convenience (EasyCYPs)
  • Patented E. coli expression system
  • Excellent batch-to-batch consistency
  • Patented production method for native, or minimally modified P450s
  • Robust P450 activity levels, representative of human enzymes
  • Extensive batch-specific data
  • Available in high, medium or low reductase and with or without b5
  • Market-leading linearity

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