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Primary Human Hepatocytes for In Vitro Preclinical Assays

Primary Human hepatocytes are often referred to as the “gold standard” for in vitro hepatic assays. The majority of hepatocyte-specific cellular functions can be maintained in culture, which makes them the best model for replicating hepatic function in vitro, e.g. xenobiotic metabolism, liver toxicity, cell biology, and host-pathogen interactions. We also offer animal hepatocytes from various preclinical/toxicological species, available in fresh or crypreserved formats.

In drug development, hepatocytes are best suited for metabolism, clearance, uptake, hepatotoxicity, and drug-drug interaction (DDI) assays. They are a highly effective model because, in the context of biotransformation, most drug metabolizing-enzymes are abundantly found in this particular type of cell in the human liver, a primary site of drug metabolism. Primary hepatocytes therefore serve as a convenient and cost-effective alternative to in vivo testing. Our extensive inventory of lots is available in various formats created specifically with your in vitro needs and values in mind.

Cryoplateable human hepatocytes are the closest alternative to fresh hepatocytes, and are used most often as plated, confluent monocultures, and overlayed with a thin layer of the extracellular matrix, to best replicate in vivo cellular functions/conditions. This format allows drug developers to study hepatobiliary drug transport, metabolism, hepatotoxicity, and to elucidate potential drug-drug interactions. Preplated cryopreserved or plated fresh hepatocytes are also available.

Primary human hepatocytes for suspension are used primarily for compound stability, metabolite formation, extended incubations using the relay method, inhibition studies, uptake, and gene expression studies. Suspension lots are best suited for short-term studies (4-6 hours) due to innate decreases in viability and metabolic activity over time.

Fresh human hepatocytes are available as suspension and/or plated on collagen-coated plates and offers an alternative to in vivo or cryopreserved hepatocytes. Sign up for our Liver Alert email to be notified when a fresh lot becomes available for immediate delivery.

Optimized Hepatocyte Media

Thawing & Plating Cryopreserved Hepatocytes

Download our protocol or watch our short demonstration videos below to get the best results when thawing and plating your cryopreserved hepatocytes:

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Plate like a Pro

Our how-to guide gives you tips and tricks to make sure your hepatocyte cultures are prepared and maintained correctly

Mini-webinar from our product specialist to show you how to thaw and plate cryopreserved hepatocytes

Using Hepatocytes in Your Assays

Not sure which test system is best suited for your assay?

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