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Cell Media for DMPK In Vitro Assays

To complement the widest selection of DMPK test systems on the market, we offer optimized media for thawing, incubating and plating cellular test systems.

Complementing the widest selection of hepatocyte products on the market, our test system specialists have developed a selection of hepatocyte media tailored to meet the specific needs of various hepatocyte applications.

We offer a specially formulated Kupffer cell media to assist researchers to culture cryopreserved Kupffer Cells effectively.

cell media for hepatocytes and kupffer cells

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Find a listing of our hepatocyte media kits and how to increase NADPH regeneration for improved results

Custom Hepatocytes Species

Make the most of your test systems

Find out more about how storage, handling, and media pairing can help ensure success in your DMPK assays

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