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Commentary to provide context and explain significance of research is sometimes just as important as the research itself. That’s why our experts make it a priority to provide you with helpful content distilled from the many years of experience our team has accumulated. The Drug Development Insights blog contains overviews and deep dives into the drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics topics you care about—regulatory expectations, risk assessment, safety considerations, scientific innovation, study design elements, interpretation of results, and more. Explore our entries chronologically or by category to get insight into the many pieces of your drug’s development.

Why Switch to Hepatocyte Pellets?

You may have heard about the patented CryostaX® format of hepatocyte pellets, but do you know why SEKISUI XenoTech and countless other researchers have made the switch to pellets from traditional hepatocyte preparations? The reasons vary depending on who you ask, from the needs of the study to simply convenience, so we’re going to outline the primary factors and let you decide for yourself...

Meet the Scientist: Shanté Jackson

Shanté is a Research Scientist who joined SXT in 2017 and serves as a Drug Inhibition and Drug Metabolism Study Director and Drug Transport Lead…

Four Ways CROs Drive Innovation for Improved In Vitro Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK) Studies

Agility and focused growth allow drug developers to outsource expertise and benefit the industry at-large by fostering innovation. Panelists at the 2021 Annual DMDG Meeting…

DDI & Drug Repurposing Article featured in Drug Discovery World (DDW) Spring Edition 2021

Repurposing (repositioning, re-profiling, or re-tasking) a drug potentially saves years of costly testing from going to waste and potentially providing a higher chance of success.…

SEKISUI again honored for its ESG management

Every year, the S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook delivers one of the world’s most comprehensive and independent analysis on corporate sustainability. In 2021,...

Meet the Scientist: Stephanie Helmstetter

As part of our Meet the Scientist series, we introduce you to one of our most notable product experts, Stephanie Helmstetter.

Interview with Outsourcing Pharma: Repurposing existing drugs accelerates discovery

“Exploring alternative uses for drugs tapped for other indications, can save considerable time and money in discovery, according to an...

Meet the Scientist: Lois Haupt

As part of our Meet the Scientist series, we introduce you to one of our most notable Enzyme Inhibition experts, Lois Haupt.

Updated Look & Fresh Features: Welcome to Our Brand New Website!

We are thrilled to welcome you to the brand new SEKISUI XenoTech website! The reconstruction project is a massive overhaul of over 1,000 pages carefully…

Drug-Drug Interaction (DDI) Prediction Models Following In Vitro Studies in Preclinical Development

In preclinical development, a drug will be evaluated for potential to cause a drug-drug interaction (DDI) using in vitro experiments and then calculations that...

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