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Current DMPK Test System Promotions

10% Off* New CryostaX® Individual Donor Human Hepatocytes

Using single donor hepatocytes just got a whole lot easier.

We’ve just released new Single Donor CryostaX®. If you’ve used our CryostaX pooled plateable or suspension hepatocytes, you know that our patented format helps scientists save precious time and allows for simplified pooling. Our new lots of single donor CryostaX are prepared using the same patented preparation process, making it easier to customize the number of cells in each vial without thawing, mixing, and re-freezing as well as eliminating the thawing step when using them in the lab. We have attaching/plateable lots available as well as suspension single donor CryostaX. Our standard size comes with an assured minimum yield (AMY) of 5 million cells per vial but we can adjust up or down easily depending on the needs of your assays. Each lot of single donor CryostaX comes with donor demographic information (Age, Race, Gender) and is characterized for viability and enzymatic activity. In plateable lots for induction studies, fold Induction for CYP1A2, 2B6 and 3A4 are determined by measuring both mRNA levels and enzymatic activities.

We know you’ll love the new format, so we’re offering 10% off* until the end of April 2021 to encourage you to try them. Simply use promo code “CryostaX1” at checkout or when you contact us to order.

Save 40%* on Clearance Hepatocytes, Subcellular Fractions & Antibodies

To make room for our expanding range of cell and tissue-based products, we’re clearing out a selection of lots from many of our hepatocyte, microsome, cytosol and S9 products!

20% off* SEKISUI XenoTech Test Systems for Academia

Take advantage of our academic roots and save 20% on DMPK test systems* and reagents EVERYDAY!

*May not be available in all areas. Discount applies to standard list price for your area and cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

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