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Yasuhiro Enomoto

Vice President, Corporate Affairs & Planning
Yasuhiro Enomoto VP Corporate Affairs and Planning

Yasuhiro Enomoto currently serves as Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Planning. Yasuhiro obtained a Master’s degree in Nutritional Chemistry and a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Chemistry from Meiji University. He has worked with the SEKISUI Medical Group in strategy and planning roles since 2012. Occupying executive positions at both SEKISUI XenoTech and the Drug Development Solutions Center, Yasuhiro’s role is to facilitate and support alignment between both companies and with the SEKISUI Medical Group. Yasuhiro’s background in short- and long-term goal management and implementation, along with extensive familiarity with operations of both laboratories, grants Yasuhiro unique perspective and positioning to propel SEKISUI forward in innovation while maintaining our reputation for superior quality and expertise.