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Uptake and Efflux Transporters

  • Published on March 5, 2013
  • Drug Transporters
  • Scientific Posters

This poster was presented at the annual AAPS conference in 2013

Full Title

Comparison of IC50 Values for Prototypical and Clinically-Relevant Probe Substrates and Inhibitors of Selected Uptake and Efflux Transporters


The EMA Guideline on the Investigation of Drug Interactions (2012) recommends the incorporation of more than one positive control inhibitor into experiments to evaluate the inhibitory potential of investigational drugs on drug transporters. Therefore, the present study was designed to compare the effect of compounds that are prototypical inhibitors or that cause clinically-significant transporter interactions on the transport of compounds that represent either prototypical and/or clinically-relevant transporter substrates with in vitro, cell-based test systems.

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