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Published:  31 December 2020

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In vitro direct and cytokine-mediated effects of therapeutic peptides and other biologics on CYP enzymes

Published:  19 February 2020

Dr. Brian Ogilvie presented at the 1st peptide workshop of the Peptide ADME Discussion Group in Gothenburg, Sweden (15th of October 2018). This article summarises the presentations and discussions from this 1st workshop, including Dr. Ogilvie's presentation on peptide drug–drug interactions (DDI): does it make sense for peptides, and if so, how should it be addressed? The rationale for focusing on biologics, which comprise diverse molecular entities including peptides, focuses on the compounds’ ability to stimulate cytokine release from cells such as peripheral blood mononuclear cells and Kupffer cells, and the well-known suppressive and or inductive effects of numerous cytokines on drug metabolising enzymes (DME) in vivo...