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Sekisui XenoTech's Analytical Services department specializes in high quality support for all the analytical needs of our internal contract service groups and for external clients. Department personnel have a high level of expertise, including both pharma and CRO experience, with thorough knowledge of the FDA and EMA Bioanalytical guidelines. The group's focus is on applying LC-MS technology to maximize both the quality and throughput of the data we generate to ensure that your project needs are met.

Our Analytical Services group offers custom method validation, dose solution analysis, in vivo metabolite profiling studies and small-molecule bioanalytical services. For regulated projects, methods are validated in accordance with the FDA Bioanalytical Guidance.

Validated LC-MS/MS Analytical Methods

Human CYP markers UGT, MAO and others Animal P450s Drug Transport
1' -Hydroxy midazolam (3A4) Estradiol-3-β-D- glucuronide (UGT1A1) Rat Hydroxy- testosterone (2α, 6β, 7α, 16β) Digoxin (MDR1)
6β-Hydroxy testosterone (3A4) Chenodeoxycholic acid glucuronide (UGT1A3) Dog Hydroxy testosterone
(6β, 16α)
Prazosin (BCRP)
Oxidized nifedipine (3A4) Trifluoperazine glucuronide (UGT1A4) Mouse Hydroxy- testosterone (6β, 15α, 16β)  
ortho-Hydroxy atorvastatin (3A4) Naphthol glucuronide (UGT1A6) Monkey Hydroxy-testosterone (2β, 6β, 16α, 16β)  
Acetaminophen (1A2) Propofol glucuronide (UGT1A9)    
Dextrorphan (2D6) Morphine-3-β-D-glucuronide (UGT2B7)    
Hydroxy bufuralol (2D6) Testosterone-β-D glucuronide (UGT2B17)    
7-Hydroxy coumarin (2A6) 4-Methylumbelliferyl glucuronide (UGTs)    
Hydroxy bupropion (2B6) 5-Hydroxy tryptophol (MAO-A)    
8-Hydroxy efavirenz (2B6) Dimethylamino benzaldehyde (MAO-B)    
6α-Hydroxy paclitaxel (2C8) Vanillic acid (Aldehyde Oxidase)    
N-Desethyl amodiaquine (2C8) Phthalazone (Aldehyde Oxidase)    
4' -Hydroxy diclofenac (2C9) 5-Aceominosalicylic acid (NAT-1)    
4-Hydroxy tolbutamide (2C9)      
4' -Hydroxy mephenytoin (2C19)      
6-Hydroxy chlorzoxazone (2E1)      
Hydroxy ebastine (2J2)      
12-Hydroxy lauric acid (4A11)      
17α-Hydroxy testosterone (CYP17)      

Featured Instruments and Services

  • Multiple Xevo TQ-S triple quadrupole, AB Sciex API 2000 and API 3000 triple quadrupole, a 4500 triple quadrupole, and API 4000 and 5500 QTrap MS/MS systems
  • Xevo G2-XS Qtof/Tof
  • Waters Synapt™ G2 HDMS Q-TOF
  • Waters Acquity UPLC™ systems
  • Shimadzu Nexera UHPLC, UFLC and Prominence LC systems
  • IN/US β-RAM radiometric detectors
  • Assays validated according to FDA Bioanalytical Guidelines
  • LC-UV in-line for qualitative assessment

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