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Pharmacology studies can be divided into three categories: primary pharmacodynamic, secondary pharmacodynamic and safety pharmacology studies. The objectives of safety pharmacology studies include the following:
  • to identify undesirable pharmacodynamic properties of a substance that may have relevance to its human safety 
  • to evaluate adverse pharmacodynamic and/or pathophysiological effects of a substance observed in toxicology and/or clinical studies
  • to investigate the mechanism of the adverse pharmacodynamic effects observed and/or suspected.

The investigational plan to meet these objectives should be clearly identified and delineated.

Sekisui XenoTech offers a panel of over 230 validated in vitro pharmacological assays covering a broad range of targets including receptors, transporters, enzymes, ion channels and second messengers.

These assays help to identify lead compounds, define mechanism of action and identify off-target activities. All assays are available on a one-off basis and clients can select one or more assays to be tested against any number of compounds at any number of concentrations.

Further investigation, if needed, can be conducted to identify the character and action mechanism on NCEs, measuring activities of agonist, antagonist and inverse-antagonist.

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