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XenoTech Accepting Global Scientific Achievement Award Nominations for 2015

Lenexa, KS (May 18, 2015) – XenoTech, a division of SEKISUI, is accepting nominations for the 2015 XenoTech Global Scientific Achievement Award. This award is presented annually in recognition of meritorious, scientific contribution and achievement to further research in the field of ADME / DMPK. 

XenoTech is committed to the advancement of research for safe and efficacious drug development. “Just as XenoTech is recognized as a pioneer in scientific innovation, this award will honor those on the forefront of scientific advancement within drug development. We believe that recognition of the passionate, committed scientists responsible for advancing life-enhancing, therapeutic research is meaningful to the continuation of scientific excellence in research,” said Jason Neat, COO of XenoTech.

The recipient of the 2015 Global Scientific Achievement Award will be recognized at an upcoming industry event to be announced later this year, such as the Annual North American ISSX Meeting, and will receive an honorarium, travel support, and complimentary meeting registration. XenoTech will also donate $1,000 to a registered 501(c) / 501(c)(3) research organization or academic institution in the name of the awardee.

Mr. Neat explained, “XenoTech’s foundation is firmly built upon the spirit of research-community-based teamwork which is integral to furthering knowledge for life-enhancing therapeutics. We believe it is critically important to give back to, as well as share in the achievements of, the many exceptional scientists in our greater community, ultimately leading to the development of safer, more efficacious drugs. Those who submit nominations for this award are playing a crucial role in this holistic mission.”

To submit a nominee for the 2015 XenoTech Global Scientific Achievement Award, visit

About XenoTech, a division of SEKISUI

SEKISUI XenoTech, LLC is a global Contract Research Organization utilized by 98% of top pharma companies and numerous other organizations. For almost 25 years, the company has offered proven drug development expertise, providing an ever-evolving selection of cell and tissue-based productsscreeningradiolabeling, API manufacturing, in vitro ADME Tox and pharmacologyin vivo ADME Tox and QWBAmetabolite ID and productionbioanalytical services and consulting. SEKISUI XenoTech’s product selection includes a wide range of high-quality unique and standard reagents, including subcellular fractionshepatocytesmediatissue samplescell linesrecombinant enzymessubstrates & metabolites and more. The company also regularly prepares and delivers custom-designed products and services in response to client requests. For additional information, please refer to the company’s website at