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cryostax-vials.jpgSekisui XenoTech offers unrivaled quality and selection with an extensive array of products to assist all your in vitro ADME research needs. Our standard products feature cellular and subcellular fractions, hepatocytestissue samples, media and more from many different toxicologically relevant species. We are the sole North American distributor for cell lines from JCRB, recombinant CYP enzymes, P450 substrates and metabolites from Cypex, and metabolite production kits from HepatoChem. Whatever your in vitro research needs, Sekisui XenoTech can help. Order all your products online in our eStore!

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At Sekisui XenoTech, we recognize the importance of having readily available, reliable information. Our customers rely both on the quality of our products and on our expertise in biotransformation to help them with their research needs.

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Sekisui XenoTech's scientific resources as well as cell and tissue-based products stem from our unparalleled global contract research experience and proven expertise from discovery through clinical support.

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News and Events

  • Monday, April 16, 2018

    2018 AAPS Transporters Workshop

    We'll be exhibiting and presenting at the AAPS Drug Transporters Workshop on April 16–18 in Dulles, VA...

  • Wednesday, January 03, 2018

    Sekisui XenoTech Hiring and Growing to Meet Customer Demand

    The company hired a record number of new staff over the past year in order to meet current demand for its products and services, which are utilized to optimize the discovery, development, and approval of new drugs and other compounds. Several previous Sekisui XenoTech employees also returned to the company...

  • Tuesday, December 19, 2017

    Webinar: Comparison Between the New US FDA and Japan PMDA In Vitro DDI Guidance Documents…

    After recent revisions to the Japan PMDA 2014 guideline and US FDA 2012 draft guidance for industry on in vitro drug-drug interaction (DDI) studies, Drs. Andrew Parkinson, XPD Consulting, and Brian Ogilvie, Sekisui XenoTech, will offer their expert perspectives on major changes and differences between the two agencies’ in vitro guidance documents, and how to harmonize your drug development strategies to meet the expectations of both...