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Discounted Animal Subcellular Fractions Including Microsomes, S9 & Cytosol

Subcellular fractions from animal cells, including microsomes, S9, and lysosomes, can be obtained by successive centrifugation from any tissue and are widely used as a test system in early stages of drug development for metabolism and screening studies.

To make room for our expanding range of cell and tissue-based products, we’re clearing out a selection of lots from many of our subcellular fractions representative of liver and extrahepatic tissue from toxicologically relevant preclinical species!

Use promo code “CLEARANCE” to save 40% off* any of the following, or see all full-priced inventory, including custom preparation capabilities:

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Available Clearance Inventory: Cryopreserved Animal Subcellular Fractions

Subcellular Fractions in Drug Discovery & Preclinical Development

Subcellular fractions are widely used in drug discovery & preclinical development to evaluate in vitro metabolism of drug candidates. Species differences, metabolic stability, in vitro intrinsic clearance, reaction phenotyping and CYP/UGT enzyme inhibition can all be evaluated with subcellular fractions. These fractions represent a preferred test system when investigating Phase I and Phase II drug metabolism due to the wide variety of enzymes enriched to high concentrations relative to cellular systems. We can offer preparations of microsomes, S9 fraction, cytosol, and mitochondria from hepatic and extrahepatic tissue from human donors and toxicologically relevant animal species for predictive in vitro assays.

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Make sure your microsomes and S9 fractions are properly fortified

For best results from assays using microsomes and S9 fractions, we recommend NADPH regeneration to support high metabolism levels. Our proprietary system, RapidStartTM, uses an enzymatic reaction that changes NADP to NADPH, which is then oxidized by CYPs back to NADP, and the cycle continues. Regeneration is easily activated after introduction, and our easy-to-use formula is the most flexible NADPH regenerating system you’ll find, allowing users to easily tailor the system concentration by simply varying the amount of water added. RapidStartTM is perfect for long- and short-term incubations and is shown to improve stability of recombinant enzymes and subcellular fractions, allowing you to achieve the most accurate and reliable data during your in vitro assays.

Don’t see what you need? Other preparations can be made available!

If you require subcellular fractions not available through our discounted or standard product offerings, custom preparations can be easily ordered to meet the specific needs of any study. Our designated Custom Products team regularly isolates and prepares subcellular fractions from more than 45 different species and has capabilities to meet needs unavailable through most vendors– non-standard rodent strains, farm animals, insects, precarious tissue isolations such as adrenal gland or jejunum– with over 40 characterization assays available to ensure adequate activity for data collection. See all of our Custom Preparations capabilities or get in touch with a specialist to find out how we can help.

*May not be available in all areas. Discount applies to standard list price for your area and cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

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