Introduction to the BMO Kit: An Alternative Metabolite Production Tool

Aired:  03 December 2014

In recent years, the FDA guidance on metabolites in safety testing (MIST) has put pressure on pharmaceutical comopanies to investigate metabolites and their potential toxicity. In that context, Biomimetic Oxidation, aka BMO, has emerged as a serious alternative to microsomes or recombinant CYPs to produce testable quantities of metabolite. This method uses chemical catalysts to mimic phase I metabolism and can be easily scaled-up to produce metabolites in sufficient quantities to allow in vitro testing and structure elucidation. XenoTech will present a description of the technology and the BMO kit which has been designed by HepatoChem.

Key concepts discussed in this webinar include:

  • Biomimetic oxidation catalysis
  • Description of the BMO Kit protocol
  • Example of produced metabolites